Sunday, May 30, 2010

He was Walking How far!!

Well I have had a interesting weekend. Friday was my birthday and I had an alright time thanks to all you that facebooked me. I worked all day and then went out to eat it was nice. Then Saturday I got up early and headed to Yakima. Tara's Cousin Chris and his wife Mary are missionaries on an Indian Reservation called White swan. It was awesome to hang out with Chris and pick his brain about ministry and the ups and downs of stepping out in faith. We drove around and he should me some homes they had roofed and painted and cleaned up. He told me stories that just broke my heart and then we saw Steve walking down the road with three large bags. Chris said lets give him a ride to his house. We stopped and he jumped in the back of the truck Chris said he would be more comfortable in the back since he didnt know me well. We drove and drove and drove through dirt and gravel roads until we finally reached his home. WOW I said he was walking this far!!Steve said he had walked to town to do laundry. I thought to myself man he must of left very early this morning in order to get there. Chris said last summer they had dug him a new hole for his outhouse he doesnt have running water and he doesnt talk to other people much. We left him and he walked to his home. We then went back into town and then went back to the house. There Mary and the lady interns were prepping food for the coming week. They had 50 youth coming in for the week to do some work and do bible clubs. I helped them mostly I just watched in awe at the organization and the joy that Mary seemed to have for her work. I made them some bbq sauce and just kind of soaked it all in. We then played some volleyball and then I headed home. The whole ride home was a time for me to reflect on my experience. I could not get Steve out of my mind I listened to some cd's that Chris gave me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God wants his people to care for the poor and needy and I know that the calling on me is to do that. God himself set the example of this For us to follow He said what you do for the least of these you do for me. They are all around us at work, school, church , the store, our neighbor even family members I hope everyone has a great week I know I will heading home Thursday
Serving Him

Friday, May 28, 2010

Falling in love with Him

Sorry I haven't wrote for some time work has been busy but good I think I'm doing a good job. God has been amazing in the way He is helping me understand what I need to do at work. I have been able to do a little sightseeing it's so beautiful up here. I've met some really nice people and the church I've been going to seems to really love Jesus. I'm going home next weekend and I am so excited I can't wait to see my beautiful wife and girls it should be fun and much needed.
God has been teaching me alot and I have been trying to use the down time to read and try to learn all He has in store for us. I went to the library and two books almost jumped off the shelf at me. The first one is called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson. It spoke right to me i went through it in a day. It talks about God has give us all a dream a desire to do something and the key to finding it is to get over our fear and just go after it. The key is understanding how your dream ties in with what God wants to do through you. Many times our plans fail because we do them for ourselves not for God. (been there done that) The second one is Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle. It talks about falling in love with Jesus and how if we truly love Someone we will seve them no matter the cost. It talks about how most of us get bored with christianity because we don't truly Love God and understand His love for us. I know this if I could get to the point that I love god as much as my wife and understand His love for me is so far more then that it would be so easy to serve others with compassion and love.
I'm so thankful for this time and I believe God want to and is going to do mighty things through Tara and I He is just trying to get us to see things through His eyes and that is up to us. Continue to pray for Gods direction and will
Serving Him

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Listening and learning

It has been a interesting 7 days since I've been back from my visit home. Being home made me realize how important it is to listen and follow the plan God has for us and seek His will for us. This week I've just been spending time digging into the word and talking with God. It has been a special time I've seen were He is growing me and showing me how to lead and listen. I've been learning how to read the sciptures and ask Him to teach me what it is I need to learn. I know Tara and the girls are counting onme to follow God and lead the
down the path He has for us no matter how it seems through our earthly eyes. I know there are many who are praying for us and for that I'm thankful. I see I don't only have to talk to Him but also listen. My goal needs to be a deeper relationship with by savior.
I hope you all understand this and I know I ramble at times but it's all about the transformation and not the destination. In other words I need to transform into the man of God He intends me to be. I so miss Tara and the girls but I know through all this I will be a better husband and father to them. My heart aches to know more and more of who God is and my heart to be His heart
thanks again for all your prayers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Family Time

We had a great weekend and first part of the week. I was able to go home last Friday and stay until Tuesday evening. It was so nice to see Tara and the girls. We didnt tell the girls so when I walked up at the airport they just looked at me like is that really you and then jumped in my arms. That was the neatest thing!! We then spent some good days just hanging out with each other. Then Mothers day we went to Church at Jubilee and also West Mobile. We then went and had lunch at Oliver's All I can say is WOW the Shrimp and grits was awesome.Tara and I actually put the Shrimp sauce on our potatoes it was so good. We then went home and spent some time by the pool. Then Abbey learned to ride her bike without training wheels and Mary Paige with training wheels. (I think I have created a monster and now Tara has to deal with it) It was a really nice Weekend

Tara and I had a lot of time to talk about what we thought the reason for this journey and we came up with some pretty good ones. We know that it is for us to be better stewards of what God has given us. I know this God spoke to me and said until we could get more disciplined in the area of health, finances, service He could not use us like He wants too. I know that who much is given much is required. I just want to serve God and do His will. Tara and I really are trying to do Gods will and at times it is hard but we know it will be worth it. They are saying the job might go long but we are in it as long as God sees fit to keep me here. Please Pray for Strength

We both feel like The Ransom Cafe is becoming a passion of ours and as we were told unless something is a passion dont do it because when things get tough you will quit if its only a vision or a burden. Some of you might not know what The Ransom Cafe is so I have added the vision that God has given us to the bottom of this blog. We dont know the time or place or even the exact details As I am learning This walk of faith is a day by day thing we have to keep our eye on the Caller not the Calling!!

See the vision God has given us and pray for God's Will

Ransom Café
Reaching A Need Serving Our Master
The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.
Matthew 20:28

God has given us a vision of a place where people can come and find nourishment, physical and spiritual. Ransom Café will be a place where people will be able to have one of life’s basic necessities met.
Ransom will operate with an ever changing menu. Our menu will depend on donations and foods that are able to be purchased at little to no cost. We will not have set prices on any of our menu items. We believe that some can pay more and some may not be able to pay at all, but the ones who can will pay for the ones who can’t. Jesus paid a debt for us that we could not pay ourselves when He gave his life on the cross for our sins. He paid our RANSOM and in order to be more like Him, we want to serve others.
If someone can’t pay anything, they can volunteer 1 hour of labor and they will be given a voucher good for 1adult’s meal + 1 child’s meal. This is based on 2 Thessalonians 3:10. If a man will not work, he shall not eat. We do realize that there may be some special circumstances and we will work with every individual to try to meet their needs. We will offer frozen entrees for guests to take home for evening meals. Also, we would like to be able to send meals to those confined to their homes because of age or illness in the model of Meals on Wheels.
It is our desire that Ransom Café will be able to give back to the community and not only provide a basic need, but also offer a mentoring program to help people learn valuable skills in the Hospitality industry, knowledge to help them with daily life and a sense of community. We hope to have a garden to grow our own vegetables which could also be used to teach individuals while providing them another volunteer opportunity. This will help in keeping our cost down and provide fresh healthy vegetables.
Just as Jesus paid our Ransom, our motto will be those that can pay will pay for those who can’t. God has given us a passion for people and a culinary gift and we want to use it to help others!! Please pray Gods will in this vision as well as the resources to see this come to pass. Our Goal is to provide a service to meet the needs of all people and share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Serving those in need,

Matt and Tara Armbruster

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't be in a hurry!

It's been a good week! Work has been good things are coming together and I'm learning what is expected of me in my position. We have a great crew and everyone works well together. I've joined the gym and been having a great time working out with some of the guys from work P90x is kicking my butt but I've seen some progress
Monday I went to dinner at a families home I met at church it was a great night of just sharing and good food. I learned about the ministry Serve Moses Lake and it really is an awesome vision. I hope to be invoked while I'm here serving while I wait. Check out their web site at
I've been learning so much in regards to His calling and how much more there is to learn. I've learned that my greatest temptation is to take shortcuts and get this all over instead of taking my time to learn what God wants to teach me. Never be in a hurry to move on from were u are even if it hurts. He will cause everything to come together in His plan. Tara and I have to keep our eyes on the caller, not the calling, because the calling is a moment by moment thing and He is leading us now. God didn't lead the Israelites staight into the promise land but He led them into the wilderness. It might seem He is leading us what seems like sideways or even backwards but Gods path is always perfect. These things I have learned through a book called "The Call" by David Nasser and Brent Crowe. I've also seen that there is a big difference between knowing Gods promises and believing Gods promises. I have been also thinking a lot about my other three girls and how much I love them and pray they know this. But I also believe God will restore my relationship with them and they will see eveything I've done is for them.
I am also so excited about getting to come home this coming weekend. I can't wait to see my beautiful wife, Abbey and Mary Paige. I miss them and I'm looking for what God will do during this visit. Thanks again for all your prayers. Hopefully you all Blessed by our story and I hope I don't ramble too much I pray each of us leave a legacy for those that follow us.