Sunday, May 30, 2010

He was Walking How far!!

Well I have had a interesting weekend. Friday was my birthday and I had an alright time thanks to all you that facebooked me. I worked all day and then went out to eat it was nice. Then Saturday I got up early and headed to Yakima. Tara's Cousin Chris and his wife Mary are missionaries on an Indian Reservation called White swan. It was awesome to hang out with Chris and pick his brain about ministry and the ups and downs of stepping out in faith. We drove around and he should me some homes they had roofed and painted and cleaned up. He told me stories that just broke my heart and then we saw Steve walking down the road with three large bags. Chris said lets give him a ride to his house. We stopped and he jumped in the back of the truck Chris said he would be more comfortable in the back since he didnt know me well. We drove and drove and drove through dirt and gravel roads until we finally reached his home. WOW I said he was walking this far!!Steve said he had walked to town to do laundry. I thought to myself man he must of left very early this morning in order to get there. Chris said last summer they had dug him a new hole for his outhouse he doesnt have running water and he doesnt talk to other people much. We left him and he walked to his home. We then went back into town and then went back to the house. There Mary and the lady interns were prepping food for the coming week. They had 50 youth coming in for the week to do some work and do bible clubs. I helped them mostly I just watched in awe at the organization and the joy that Mary seemed to have for her work. I made them some bbq sauce and just kind of soaked it all in. We then played some volleyball and then I headed home. The whole ride home was a time for me to reflect on my experience. I could not get Steve out of my mind I listened to some cd's that Chris gave me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God wants his people to care for the poor and needy and I know that the calling on me is to do that. God himself set the example of this For us to follow He said what you do for the least of these you do for me. They are all around us at work, school, church , the store, our neighbor even family members I hope everyone has a great week I know I will heading home Thursday
Serving Him

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