Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't be in a hurry!

It's been a good week! Work has been good things are coming together and I'm learning what is expected of me in my position. We have a great crew and everyone works well together. I've joined the gym and been having a great time working out with some of the guys from work P90x is kicking my butt but I've seen some progress
Monday I went to dinner at a families home I met at church it was a great night of just sharing and good food. I learned about the ministry Serve Moses Lake and it really is an awesome vision. I hope to be invoked while I'm here serving while I wait. Check out their web site at
I've been learning so much in regards to His calling and how much more there is to learn. I've learned that my greatest temptation is to take shortcuts and get this all over instead of taking my time to learn what God wants to teach me. Never be in a hurry to move on from were u are even if it hurts. He will cause everything to come together in His plan. Tara and I have to keep our eyes on the caller, not the calling, because the calling is a moment by moment thing and He is leading us now. God didn't lead the Israelites staight into the promise land but He led them into the wilderness. It might seem He is leading us what seems like sideways or even backwards but Gods path is always perfect. These things I have learned through a book called "The Call" by David Nasser and Brent Crowe. I've also seen that there is a big difference between knowing Gods promises and believing Gods promises. I have been also thinking a lot about my other three girls and how much I love them and pray they know this. But I also believe God will restore my relationship with them and they will see eveything I've done is for them.
I am also so excited about getting to come home this coming weekend. I can't wait to see my beautiful wife, Abbey and Mary Paige. I miss them and I'm looking for what God will do during this visit. Thanks again for all your prayers. Hopefully you all Blessed by our story and I hope I don't ramble too much I pray each of us leave a legacy for those that follow us.


  1. Keep writing .... I'm reading! Look forward to seeing you this weekend.

  2. Glad the book has provided you with some good insight. We do often want to hurry God and take control of His plans back into our hands (the shortcuts you mentinoed)! Have a good week ... praying for your safe travel on Friday. : )

  3. Huge difference between knowing God's promises and believing God's promises. HUGE. Speaks to my heart and it reminds me to ask both of you to keep praying for Lynn. Her struggles are great but our God is bigger!!! He promises if we will pray in agreement, He will answer. She needs a healing from Him. It only takes one touch!!

    Praying for your family and soooo excited about your trip. Hope the week passes quickly for you both. Love you much.