Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Better days

Well I haven't wrote in a couple days I've been trying to find a more perminant residence. Well work has been good but very challenging I have never seen so much paperwork and meetings but it is all good. I have been getting to spend good time with the lord and learning some great things about God centered leadership,friendship and service I'll share more about that later. I also started P90x and that has been kicking my butt I couldn't hardly brush my teeth because my arms hurt so bad. I'm also finally getting over a sore throat Ive had for about 10 days
Well Tara and I have had some great talks on the phone God has shown her somethings that have really helped me to understand somethings. She is such an awesome Godly wife to me I'll let her share those things if she likes herself.
The girls are doing good Abbey seems to be enjoying the YMCA fir spring break and Mary Paige can't wait to start big girl school.
Well I mentioned that I was looking for a more permanent place to stay then this hotel. Well it looks like I found a room at a local boarding house about 1 mile from the plant. There are 7 or 8 other guys that share a house you get your own room with tv and cable the owner cleans once a week and buys pizza for everyone on Tuesday. It is about half The cost I'm paying now. The room I will be in has it's own bath. It was also a blessing because $ was running low and she will wait till I get paid to be paid. I also feel this is God putting me here for some reason only He knows. The owners have scriptures up in the house and and she said she does this to serve others and give them a safe place to live she has rules and if u don't follow them ur out.
Please pray Gods will in everthing we do or say.


  1. Hope you like your new place. Sounds interesting! There's a reason you're there, I'm sure. Think about you each day and pray for you.

  2. Hey Matt, Sounds like things are going good. I understand about the P90X. I am into my fifth week. I feel a lot better and even my wife has said I am not fluffy anymore. She also says my legs are starting to be really defined. Stick with it and it will make you a new person. I know at one time you and I talked about how God puts different people in our lives. I feel he always put three different people in our path. The first is a Paul type person, someone older than you who pours into your life exactly when you need it, the next is a Barnabas, this person helps sharpen you and encourages you but also hold you accountable when you are not doing what you are supposed to do. The last is a Timothy, this is someones life you are suppose to pour your life into like Paul did Timothy. Promise Keepers taught this and I still experience this all of the time. I want to encourage you to look for these people that are around you. And as God leads you follow Him. And then hold on for the ride. God is awesome and can't wait to use you. Love you brother.

  3. Hope your new place is working out for you. I am enjoying your blog and am thankful I can keep in touch with you. I also enjoying reading the comments and learn so much from others too. Be blessed, love God with all your heart, soul, & mind. Praying for you.

  4. Have a good weekend Matt. Hope work is going well.