Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long day

Well this was the first weekend here i did laundry walked around town and checked things out. I went to a Mexican bakery and picked out some good pastries. Then I went back to the room and it was only 11:00am. What to do now well I started feeling sorry for myself and decided to take a nap then a guy I met staying in the hotel knocked on my door and asked if I wanted y
to go get something to eat and I said no thanks (missed opportunity)
After my nap God started to convict me of wasting my time here. He showed me our attitude is the single most important decision we make each day and I had chose to complain. He also showed me I needed to capture the moments of today with a mission and intentionality. I had a great evening spending time with Him and studying His word. I then talked with Tara for about an hour that was awesome she is such an awesome wife and friend. I'm looking forward to church in tha am I don't know were I'm going yet but God will lead me were I need to go. Please continue to pray for us and Gods will also I'm trying to find a better place to stay if possible. I also would like u to pray for our military I can't imagine being away for that long.
Thanks Matt

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  1. Hey Matt,

    I have been there and done that. I was in the Air Force and my son Stefan was just born. I had taken some time off to help Tracy and myself get used to our new addition. I was called from work and I was informed that I had to go to Italy for 120+ days. Here I was faced with leaving my wife and one month old son. Some of the thoughts that ran through my head were. Did I want to go? Was I doing the right thing for my son?

    Well, I will tell you that that trip was a life changing trip. In fact if it had not been for that trip to Italy I would not have been saved a when I did in 1995.

    I do agree that you have a lot of opportunities
    While you are out there. I do know that how we look at things are different then how God looks at them. I know that you feel that you have been sent there to do some work but I want to encourage you and challenge to see it from God's perspective. He sent you to this new area of your life to live a life style worth as worship to Him. Seeking His kingdom first. Then after you have done that, then you can get some work done for the company that sent you. Remember God's work is always first, and then everything else. There is greatness in you and there are folks that need to be reminded how a Spirit-filled, fully dedicated Christian should walk. And there are many lessons that you need will need to learn as well. I love you brother and I will be reading this blog while you are away.