Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Knows?!

So today I went to a Mother's Day brunch at WMBC with my mom. Several friends asked about Matt and how things were going. We really appreciate all of the prayers, support, and encouragement. Don't remember who, may have been more than one person, asked when Matt would be home and my response was, "I don't know." While in some ways saying that seems scary, I'm not afraid. God showed my recently that when I am faced with a "who knows?!" situation that God knows. Again this morning at brunch the speaker referenced one of my favorite scripture verses. Jeremiah 29:11 For I KNOW the plans I have for give you a hope and a future. Even though I don't know, I rest in the fact that He knows and He is working all things together for our good and His glory. ~Tara


  1. I really enjoyed her illustration about wanting to go to Italy but ending up in the Netherlands. That's how I think we feel most of the time. That I had a plan and HE changed it! But His ways are so much better than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and He loves us very much. Praying for you girl! Thanks for sharing on this journey.