Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 1

Well started the day at 2am and I really was wishing God would say just joking. Well He didn't so I headed out Tara and the girls were asleep and I was glad because I cried like a baby and I'm suppose to be strong lol I started out feeling sorry for myself and wining to God asking why me and it's not fair kinda of like my kids do when they don't want to do something but Chuck met me and reminded me why we were doing this thanks Chuck for your obedience So I left Daphne and was driving along and remembered Pauls message on speeding and how 1 mile over is still breaking the law thus sin so o started another debate with God and u can guess who won thank God for cruise control. To be honest it was very enjoyable people were usually way out in front or way behind so I was always by myself. I had some great worship in the car just me and the Lord it was nice even though some of the people passing me probably thought I was crazy I listened to about 15 sermons on the radio or cd look out when I get back I have some good things to teach on. Went through 6 states and ended the day with a beautiful Kansas sunset and spending time with my parents looking forward to what tomorrow will bring I really miss my best friend and my two biggest fans. But I know this is were God has us right now and we are here to serve Him. Thank you all for your prayers it means so much to us.
Keep walking on water


  1. Hey! You know, I had a Max Lucado book on tape that I intended to send with you. Glad you had one or two of your own or found good Christian radio stations. Travel safely to Colorado today. I hear they are expecting snow! : )


  2. Hey Matt .... hope you have stopped somewhere and will get some good rest tonight. Guess you should be there tomorrow. Talk soon.