Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Road

Well Im in Missoula Montana 300 miles from Moses Lake. I had a great visit with mom and dad in Kansas saw a few people. I drove to Denveryesterday through rain, sleet, snow and wind I then spent some good time with my sister, bro inlaw, niece, and nephew it was really nice seeing them. Woke up to snow and started towards Wyoming the roads were slick up to about Larimie and then it cleared. Eveything was covered in snow it was beautiful and as I drove I wondered how anyone could not believe in God. This trip has been so good to just spend time with God talk with Him and mainly just listen to Him, praise Him and listen to His word. I have enjoyed it but I sure wish Tara was with me she would love this country. We know though we are were God wants us so that helps. Thanks to everyone for your prayers for Tara and I

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