Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good mid week

Have had a good week so far. It looks like we are goingto be off Friday. Which I don't like because that's just one more day I don't get paid. I was invited to a bible study Friday morning so I probably will go. I went to church last night and met some really nice people. I went to a small group called sportsmen it was cool about 5 guys having a bible study and prayer then talking about hunting and fishing (loved that). Good week and hoping I can start the garden this weekend and also do some exploring. Pray that Tara can come out soon we are hoping in the next few weeks. I miss her a bunch


  1. Hey Matt, Do you want to go explore around the Potholes with me on Saturday morning? Call me at 349-0285. Steve Gallop

  2. Looking forward to all three of your girls spending the night at our house tonight. The brunch at WMBC tomorrow should be nice; however, it's supposed to rain. Hope your weekend is full of unexpected surprises. Miss you !