Thursday, April 8, 2010

Made it

Well after 40 hrs of driving I made it to Moses lake I only thought Kansas was flat. I got here at 8:30 am and was out at the plant working at 9:00 am. I met the crew and the supervisors. We had a wind storm which caused a major dust storm that was interesting. The job is a little overwhelming but I know God will give me wisdom and knowledge.
I had a good talk with the constuction manager about walking in the spirit And not in the flesh And what the scripture says about that and what was cool is he brought it up he is a strong Christian and that is encouraging.
I checked into the hotel and let's just say it is not the Marriot but it's not a cardboard box either so I'm blessed. I really miss Tara and the girls so much it hurts I asked God why did He call me here and I felt in my spirit He said just wait and be patient. So my faith is in Him I'm just expecting to learn in due time the purpose of all this I know in my heart I'm here for a purpose and I'm trying to remain sensitive to His leadership. Gods grace is sufficient for any challenge we face. I'm so thankful for an awesome wife who is willing to sacrifice to please God and friends and family who will pray that His will be done. Well off to bed I'm sorry for my rambling and bad punctuation. I'm writing this on my phone
May God bless all that read this and know I'm praying for you


  1. Hey Matt .... I don't care about punctuation. It's just good to read your blog. Talked with Margaret Bright this morning ... she called and said she had been praying for you and Tara. Bro Charles has apparently shared a little about your journey in church Bible Study on Wednesday nights. Hope today is a good one at work. Great to know your boss in a Christian. Who knows what part he may play in your "vision". Keep posting ... I don't care how tired you are at night ... I look forward to reading what you have to say. And ... glad you made the trip okay. That was a lot of driving and wear and tear on my knees !

    Hugs from Mosie !

  2. I'm reading your blog too and keeping up with you. Just keep the faith and know that there are a lot of prayers for you and the girls going up.


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  4. You are such a blessing!! Your commitment and faithfulness to God is so refreshing!! Keep blogging, you are doing a great job, and we don't care about punctuation, just your journey. We love you guys and we are praying. So glad you are there safely.

  5. I love the updates Matt! Keep them coming! God is doing such an awesome work in you! You are such an inspiration! Don't worry about the punctuation. We just love hearing about your journey!